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Transportation Planning
Our transportation planning work offers a variety of services including the development of mid and long-term traffic forecasting, to the integration of transportation and land use planning, and also includes the development of travel demand management plans. Both short and long-range planning often incorporates the various needs of all transportation modes of travel, and our experience focuses on identifying solutions to complex transportation planning challenges. Read more »

Traffic Impact / Operations

We are thoroughly familiar with SEPA (Washington State Environmental Policy Act) and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) guidelines and requirements, and have conducted numerous traffic impact analyses under the Washington State Growth Management (GMA) legislation. Our staff has provided expert witness testimony for hearings before hearing examiners, citizen review boards, elected officials, and in state courts. Read more »

Transportation Design

Our Transportation Design group has established itself as a leader in the industry, with expertise in the design of roadway and intersection improvements for local agencies, private developers, schools, colleges, parks departments, corporations, and many others. The design group typically begins involvement in the early stages of project planning to ensure feasibility of potential infrastructure improvements. Read more »